Blog #1: 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World

Activity 3: Blog

“Stay faithful”

The moral value that Sinigang, written by Marie Aubrey J. Villaceran, taught me is faithfulness. Being faithful to your partner is one of the way for your relationship to get stronger, but once you get unfaithful, it’s not only your relationship with your partner will get damaged, also your relationship to those ones who trust you to be faithful forever.

There will be someone who will suffered from the wound in their heart that your unfaithfulness caused. The pain from their past might be a burden for them to have a good relationship with others. You’re not just only being faithful to your partner, you’re also being faithful to those ones who are the fruits of your love to each other.

“Don’t get stucked from the past, move forward”

As a 21st century learner, the impact that Sinigang gave me is astonishing. From the way of the author, Marie Aubrey J. Villaceran, convey the story and the moral values that readers like me can learn from this. Sinigang also reflecting some of people’s lives who raised by a single parent and having a one meal moment with their family that they’re wishing to happen again knowing that it will not be the same anymore.

“People forgive, but not forget”

The qoute is indeed true. How much we try our best, the pain from the past will still give us a sting on our hearts even though we already forgive the person who caused us that. The time will come that we will accept those people who gave us pain again, but getting rid of the walls the we build between us and them will take a longer time.

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