Blog #5:Empowerment Technologies

Activity 4: Infographic

What is Infographic?

From the word ‘info’ which is information and graphic, it means sharing information about something using graphic materials.


The infographic that I need to do should depict my views as a student on the current situation on Covid-19 and Education. Since I’m a student and trying my best to study what I need to study during this pandemic, I chose to share some informations about how students like me still learn in the midst of pandemic. I titled my infographic ‘Learning During Pandemic’.

First, I think of common things to all students of this school year, such as having online or modular class, studying by ourselves, using of our social medias like messenger and gmail to submit our performance taks, and following the home-learning plan.

I edited the graphics that I used in my infographic using this editing application, PicsArt.

After editing the graphics, I used canva to create my infographic. I insert the title, graphics, and brief description of each graphics.


Upon doing this activity, I realized that sharing of informations about certain issues can be more creative by creating infographics like this.

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