Blog #2:Empowerment Technologies

3A. MS Mail Merge

What is Mail Merge?

Mail merge is a handy feature that incorporates data from both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and allows you to create multiple documents at once, such as letters, saving you the time and effort of retyping the same letter over and over.

How to Mail Merge Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel?

In this letter, you will see some that some parts like the recepient name is missing and I’m planning to send this letter to ten persons, so instead of writing or typing this letter ten times, I will do mail merging.

In my microsoft excel, I typed the important details of the receivers of my letter: title, last and first name, barangay, municipality, province, and the zip code.

Back in the microsoft word, click the ‘mailings’, and you will see the ‘start mail merge’ area and there will be two available buttons, the start mail merge and select recepients buttons.

Click the select recepients button and there will be three options. But since this is my first time doing mail merge, I can’t choose the last option which is the choosing from outlook contacts. Choose the option that saying use an existing list because I have already the list of my receiver in my microsoft excel.

After choosing the file (microsoft excel) where my contacts were, there will be more options available in the mailings section.

You will noticed that the edit recipient list button is available now, click that.

In this part, you will choose if you want to send the letter to all contacts that in your list or there will be one or two people you don’t want to receive your letter. Since I will sent my letters to all of the people in my contact list, I checked them all.

Next is to highlight some parts that consists of your receiver’s important details.

By clicking the greeting line button, there will be options whether you will use ‘dear’ or ‘to’ or none. There are also options on how you want the name of your receiver appear in your letter, if it will be only your receiver’s last name or whole name or etc. And you can choose also if you want to put comma or not.

To be sure that my greeting line in every letter is good, I can see that from the preview of my recepient list button.

If there’s no other problems, click ok button.

In my letter, I want to add the other details of my receivers that I encode in my microsoft excel to the upper portion of my letter, just above to my greeting line.

Click the insert merge field  button and click the details that you want to add.

For me, I added the first and last name, barangay, municipality, province, and the zip code of my recepients.

You can also use the address block button for this.

You will see a preview of this and check if you have some mistakes that made.

If there’s no problem, click the ok button.

After doing these steps, you can check again your every letter by clicking the preview button.

After checking, you can click the finish and merge button and choose between the three option there.


I realized that enhancing ICT knowledge will really be helpful for us because with this, I will discover many important and helpful tools that will make it easy for me to do things like making letters that I need or want to sent to more than one receivers.

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